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Jesus must increase, my “self” should decrease !

John 3:30 He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease
Everyday let’s start well , though we have million questions in our life without proper answers , and mostly making us live in future tense instead of present , Holy Spirit is guiding us to the greatest technique of miracle filled life , that is Jesus must increase we must decrease .

How? Why? He increases in our life ? Can that happen ? Jesus lives in us , fully. His fullness He gave us, but our self has to die for Him to manifest in our life. Most of us want nothing out of this life but Jesus in His fullness works in our life , but How to decrease ? May be we are selfless people who lives for others , but if we are filled with doubts about Jesus , if we are offended with God we cannot manifest Jesus. To perform miracles , to heal , to deliver from evil we must decrease and Jesus must increase in our life. Glorify Him , because He’s good. He gave Himself for us has given everything along with Him .


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