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You are VICTOR and NOT a victim !

You are not a ‘Victim’. If you think that way, you are wrong ,you have Jesus , how can you be a victim? . Talk to yourself (soul) to live in victory, from the place of victory enjoy God’s presence in life and see great things happening .

It’s true if you have Jesus you already have victory operate from that.

Depression is illegal in God’s kingdom .

2 Corinthians 2 :11 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.

If you have Jesus, why do you glorify Satan?. Why do you worry ? when you have the power to bind and lose. Use God given authority (Matt 18:18, Matt 28:18, Luke 10:19, James 4:7) to destroy the works of evil & that’s why you are here .

Work out your salvation (Phil 2:12), by doing the works of Daddy God , heal the sick , cleanse the leaper ,raise the dead, release people from evil (Matt 10:8), carry the love of daddy God , you are the peacemaker , light of the world , if you become dark what’s the use?

So get up , shake yourself off the dusts , impurities , all depression and bring heaven , holy spirit atmosphere in your family and in the world .

I believe in Jesus He can move mountains, He fights for me all my battles, nothing is impossible with Jesus.

Don’t pray in FEAR, pray with FAITH !


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