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You can change the world.

We can change the world.

Lord kept us here for changing the world , to bring order in here, if we don’t believe in it , it’s not going to happen.

Even in our families we are not able to bring order and how can we change world can be your question.

Leave it to Jesus, pray about everything and He’ll help you .

He is faithful.

His unfailing love will protect your family.He knows you , your issues , ask and it shall be given.

But you submit your self for Lord to fill you up and use you

If you are a believer , you have authority, power , change the world around you.


Pray against every evil things happens around you to stop.

Reach every person that Lord leads you to , to share the good news , Lord’s love.


1 thought on “You can change the world.”

  1. Amen. I can change the world through Yeshua.
    Phillipians 4:13 KJVLite
    13. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
    Let the change begin in me first my heavenly Father, make me like your one and only Son the ” Anointed One”.


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