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Never give up on prayer.

Never give up on praying:

Don’t feel tired and give up , your prayer is much powerful in bringing answer.

Your heart longs for justice and we worship a God who establishes justice.

Prayer is talking to God , who can change anything according to His will. We are talking to the one who can move mountains. Who can give life is the one we are talking to.

Some problems have so many knots that may not be visible to us, but persistent prayer breaks those knots, breaks yokes, changes life.

Never give up , your prayer touches the blessings that are stored up in heaven because of the finished work of Jesus and brings your blessings to you.

Prayer is the way to show you are humbling yourself before God. God is faithful, He hears prayers and in the name of Jesus when we pray , He answers them.

Sometime His ways are different in answering but He is faithful. I encourage you to pray and pray about everything.


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