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Know your design

If you understand what is means to be made in the image of God, you will start operating differently. You’ll have different mind set altogether and that mind set will generate different attitude, and people will say,  i will have what they have. Moreover if you are a believer you must be trained to know who you are and what’s your design is and why it’s so? Because it’s through believers of Christ the world will come to Christ And be saved.

Neuro Scientists say that we are designed to worship God 24/7. Your brain is designed to worship, specifically designed to pray. You are designed to reflect God’s glory. You are created to live in love zone. Scientific researches say that we are not designed to live in fear zone, but to live in love zone. We actually learn how to fear but our default is love. Many said that, fear circuit is there in brain but wonderfully scientists have found that we are wired for love and we do not have a single circuit, a single protein, or enzyme in the brain that was designed for fear.

When you are operating in your original design what happens ?

When you are worshiping you are actually submitting your free will to God, and gamma rays are emitted from your brain at a speed beyond the speed of light. Your brain starts generating quantum energy in a way that doesn’t happen normally. Yes such energy is released in activities in our life but nothing is producing such energy like worship, by the one that get connected with God.

Amazing facts: 

Scientists have done researches on all spiritual practitioners and found, for Buddhist monk ,one aspires to expert in meditation, it takes 30 years to become the object that they meditate. But what is the purpose of it, meditation is not to become anything but to absorb the light of God and shine through our being.

What 30 years of practicing Buddhist can do with in 30 seconds, those who are praying out loud with the word of God, their brain fire much higher intellectual activity .

Know that,

Our God is triune God, Father, Spirit and Son, and we are  Spirit, Soul, and Body.

Our Spirit is the highest part of a man , which is meant to dominate.

Our Spirit is of three parts,

  1. Intuition – Holy spirit speaks through intuitions.
  2. Consciousness –  is knowing right or wrong. (Better way of having good conscious is to know God’s Holiness)
  3. Communion – (which is the highest part of man , which communicates with God)

We have our soul , which is

  1. Mind that is our intellect
  2. Will
  3. Emotions .

Your mind is designed to be led by the Spirit, and your brain is designed to be led by your mind, your spirit is designed to be led by Holy spirit.

So far scientists believed that brain controls our life, and if any damage happens in the brain, it courses many disorders, but now they’ve found the truth, it is we are a spirit being and our mind can change our brain.

Wrong diagnosis happened based on the theory that if brain controls our whole self , and many mental problems where considered to be chronic and can only be treated not cured.

But understand the truth that your mind that is led by your spirit, that is led by Holy Spirit will cure any mental disorders or addictions in brain.



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