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How to over come confusions?



First step know your design :

2 Timothy 1:7 KJV:
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Sound mind means :

Legally, having the capacity to think, reason, and understand for oneself.
A sound mind means a mind capable of good, positive and free thinking.


Knowing this truth and meditating removes negative blocks out of our mind. The truth will set us free.

Living in self destruction :

Those who can’t come to a proper conclusion, keep wavering keep doubting their decision can not be called as a person who uses sound mind.

We need Holy Spirit, to have a sound mind, because our experiences, specially bad experiences shape our thinking and they affect our choices and decision making.

Holy Spirit inspired person understands everything clearly .

How to get inspirations from Holy Spirit.

  1. Believe Him , He is our support system, our helper, comforter.
  2. Be filled by Holy Spirit. This filling is compared with drinking,
  3. Have the habit of reading bible daily 1 hour.,

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How to get filled by Holy Spirit?

  1. Asking heavenly father to give Holy Spirit, bible He gives Holy Spirit for those who asks without limit.
  2. Singing worship songs, repeatedly praising God, singing hymns and focusing our mind on what God has provided and done for us. Spending time in God’s presence, admiring Him, gets us filled in our spirit.
  3. Focusing God is the key and everyday keeping this discipline will help our transformation.

How to avoid confusions ?

  1. Thinking positive is very important.
    • Let this “Think positive”  be connected with Jesus His finished work on the cross.
  2. Be led by the Spirit, calm down when everything is in uproar, and listen to Holy Spirit.
  3. Believe in the Lord, use wisdom. Trusting God at all times, for He is faithful.
  4. Lean not on your own understanding but acknowledge God, His spirit, in all that you do, and He will guide you.
  5. Relaxing and resting on God will fill our mind with peace, and a peaceful person is a powerful person.

We actually make very less life time decisions like, marriage, which place to live, buying houses, cars etc, education, job. In all that pray about everything and, be sensitive to what God is saying. Watch the words of people carefully, for example you want to buy a car, pray about it and while selecting watch the seller talks, Lord will give you understanding, whether to buy there or not.

In some shops, when I get confused where to but I pray, and I have seen Lord guiding me to the shop where I find favor, by watching the workers there, either they fight, or not respond properly I will move out of the shop.

Be watchful, and you’ll see great victories.




2 thoughts on “How to over come confusions?”

  1. Thank you Jesus !
    For God is not the author of confusion but of peace!! Its a great pleasure to lift Him and share this testimony. Thank you for your post ‘how to overcome confusions’. I have got a clear way now and energized by the words which make me to decide bravely and move on from the old. Thank you Lord. You are amazing.


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