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Spiritual principle.


There are many spiritual principles in bible, those guided by Jesus are the ones we should follow as we are born again by the Spirit of God because we believed Jesus as our savior.

One principle that can really help us grow in spirit and will help us walk in spirit is practicing and experiencing the peace Jesus gave us, the peace that no one can take it from us.

Jesus after resurrection, for the first time when appeared to His disciple said “Peace”, it’s not just a word to comfort them but which stops chaos, and storm created by the evil.

So, Peace is removal of evils and it’s works in our life. The Peace been established in the presence of God.

Experiencing presence of God brings peace, we have it with us that something not the world offers, but peace that Jesus placed inside us no one or nothing can take it from us.

Knowing the truth about that peace is very important for believers.

All psychological problems is associated with our mind, and all those problems easily can be healed

By realizing the peace we have in us.

Jesus stopped the wind and storm by saying peace, we also can exercise such an authority if we carry that peace.

Carrying that knowledge of this peace and speaking it can happen when we know our authority over everything in this earth.

Earth is given to man and authority over it, what we lost to satan, Jesus got back to only those who believe in Him.

Using the authority, requires relationship with God. Using the supernatural peace and joy that Jesus gave requires relationship with God, the more we have relationship with God the more we grow in the gifts of Holy spirit.

Peace with absence of works of the evil has to be practiced  everyday, by praying and believing.



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