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Finding your spirituality is the key for True Wisdom.

Zoya-Red Heart

Everyone thinks education is important for kids, learning skills of various kinds are important, now a days awareness of healthy diet is popular among modern parents.

Teaching kids every skill and not teaching to lead a proper spiritual life is really the big hole left for the enemy to attack.

Not teaching kids about them is a loss to us,

Bible teaches in Matthew 16:26
What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? 

Think and reason , which is important? “Knowing the word” or “knowing your self” ?You may say both. But really if I give you priority which one would you choose ?

Wise people choose to say “knowing yourself”.
Knowing your self , means knowing where we come from?, how we are created?, what is our design?
Who created us, what’s that in this world that’s creating wrong things ?
And many more questions will be raised.

Knowing yourself, you need to know your God, who created you and everything .
Finding Him and having experiences with Him is called finding your spirituality. Having relationship with a creator is having everything in life. 
Because we are having a design which is always making us depending on one another. And that clearly shows there is one who is above all .

We when depending and trusting on God, we are working according to our design.
But getting connected to Him and His life flowing through us is only possible when we believe in what He has done for us.
Because only with right understanding and right belief system we connect with God. We decide, we choose to get connected with Him.

God proved His love by sending His son as a man and showed the way of life, and proved that God so much loves us that He gave His only son Jesus for us .
For our sins separated God, Jesus came to make us free from the fallen nature and connect us as divine children of God.

But only those who believe that Jesus is the Lord and savior, the super hero who came to rescue us from sin, and the kingdom of God, for that Jesus was made as sin by God our heavenly father.

And He cursed sin on the cross by the death of Christ, and the resurrection of Christ, which is He rose from the grave on the third day and won death, and He has the keys of death and hell , He snatched it from dark kingdom.

Knowing this truth about the love of God and, we when believe it and declare in our mouth that Jesus is our Lord and savior and He has finished the payment and rescued us from dark kingdom and placed us In kingdom of God , we are saved.
And Jesus makes us His temple and lives in us with His spirit , and Heavenly Father.

We become Holy people of God and His spirit leads us into that Holy life. Not only that we are powerful with authority given to destroy the works of dark kingdom and bring God’s kingdom on earth.
The more obedient and surrendered we are to God through Jesus, the more we have authority over everything.

Powers to know future, and to know works of the evil and to destroy that, is given to His children.
To heal people and bind the devils and set people free are the job profile that we have.

Imagine a world with justice and mercy, that is possible with Jesus.

Give your life to Jesus. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you have a power and authority filled life.

Heal the world, make it a real better place by allowing God through Jesus to live in you.

You are The Real Super Heroes.

God bless you, more powerfully.


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