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How to overcome Love Failure?


Love Failure

Clearly understanding love failure:

What is love failure?
Not able to meet the standards of someone and lose the position of being close to them is “failing” in love.

We fall in love with someone, based on certain calculations in our mind, it depends on how much comfortable you are with someone, How happy you are, when you are around them.

If you check your interests and the things you like, then you can understand why you fall in love with a particular person. Some of us are insecure people from childhood for various reasons, so we seek to have security in relationships.

Expecting respect and honor from society makes us choose people who are good looking, smart, educated.
If you are a person who wants to be famous , you tend to fall in love with those who are famous or at least talented in any area.

But when you don’t meet up with their standards they decide not to do this life journey with you, when they say no to you, you get the most horrible pain inside you called REJECTION.

Identity crisis:
One reason for us not able to face this love failure is identity crisis. We don’t know who we are.

We don’t understand our real value. We compare ourselves with others and underestimate our selves.

Never understanding the uniqueness in us and the talents that can take us to high positions we don’t understand. Many live all their life with broken heart, not able to move ahead in life it’s not because of the love failure but because they don’t understand their value. We decide to stay in the same area of rejection and failure and not able to move and try new things and to have a fresh start again because of the “spirit of failure” working inside us.

Let’s break it today in Jesus mighty Name.

Something that is wrong and UN fixable in us, is the constant thought of people when they get rejected or avoided by people. You must know the truth, if you are a believer of Christ, you are perfect and whole, you are fully accepted by Daddy God in His heavenly family. He knows what’s good for you. He’ll bring the right person in your life.

Soul ties:
One more spiritual reason behind the heavy pain in love failure is soul connection. Like a bonding, what ever we give our heart to, we are spiritually connected to it. It can be a person or thing. In a way always meditating about them involves us in a kind of worship and what we worship that we are connected with.

This soul tie, really keeps connected with them and when they try to avoid you or leave you, you are not able to break the connection and that brings pain. Understand this, and join with someone who can pray with you and pray about your love failure and break the soul tie, or soul connection with the person you are connected in spirit.
Be free in your soul, and be a whole person without soul fragmentation.

Approval addictions:
Even from a very young age, we are people who seek approval, knowingly or unknowingly. We seek appreciation, in a fallen world where everyone is seeking approval and no one to give it. In this I would like to stop and say “Child of God appreciate others, that may change somebody’s life”.

If you are jealous of someone you can’t appreciate or applaud them. People who seek appreciation tend to fall for people who respect them and honor them and being sweet to them.

And when you lose that appreciation , you feel rejected and allow pain to ruin your life.
Check my friend, your pride level, just humble your self and Lord will lift you high. Most of addicted people suffer with approval from others. Seeking approval from wrong people is equal to carrying a live bomb on you be ready to explode or stay away from them .

Love Obsession:
Some people cut themselves if they are not accepted by their love. These things show not their love for the other person but the stupidity and weaknesses that you are carrying inside. Sitting and thinking about the persons for hours is another state of worship, where you lose your energy and affection for someone who don’t care. Fixing focus on someone and if they don’t call or send message, you get upset and behave mad is clearly an indication that your soul tie is working against you and you need to break it free.

Handling Rejection the worst stronghold:

Step 1: No matter whose standard you don’t meet up with, even if you have not met your own standards, YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE. Stop calling yourself a failure. Whether you have a job or not, whether you are married or not never call yourself a failure. Say it aloud “I am not a failure”.

Step 2: Know that you are the most High God’s Daughter and Son, and understand your values because Jesus paid Himself fully for you and that shows you are more valuable. You are the pearl for which He paid His everything. You belong to the Royal Family. Jesus blood runs in your vein.
You are Sons of God.

Step 3: Take Holy Spirit’s guidance in relationships. He will show you and lead you in to right relationships. It’s guaranteed; He will expel people who are wrong in your life. If you are stubborn in holding on to a relationship and if it spoils you expect Him to show you the issues involved in that relationship and at times He is zealous for you, for your safety, so He will snatch you out of that relationship.

Step 4: Let them go. If people don’t want you , don’t go back of them. This principle can save you from heart aches. Anyway they are not going to accept you, then why do you waste time, talk to yourself and ask Daddy God to help you move on. Let them go, say a big good bye to them and start a fresh life.

Step 5: Let God make ways for you.
Don’t try to find your own ways to bring relationships, let God make ways for you. Let Him guide you, He is a smart Father, He knows the right timing and right person for you. Don’t waste your energy and creativity in vain.

Step 6: Every day remind yourself that God loves you. Stay in His love. Practice the love of God, by faith. Even He Counted and numbered your Hair, that much He cares for you. Daddy God cares for every thing even the small details of you.

Step 7: Believe in the favor of God to work for you. More than what you can imagine or think He is able to give it to you, so wait for Him to bring the right person in your life. Daily declare often I am highly favored by my Heavenly Daddy. He is control of my life.


Receiving and accepting :
Jesus has done it on the cross by His precious blood, He made us perfect before our Heavenly Father. You don’t have to do anything to receive the perfect place, you don’t have to earn it, just receive it by faith.
Daddy God doesn’t see you as an imperfect person He is seeing you as son. Filling you with His Spirit.



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