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I am son of God !

This is for you to Declare and Decree



Here this audio and Say it again along with the recording 5 times.

I am son of God.
I am born of the seed of God.
I am created in the image of God.
Jesus is the image of the invisible God, and I am like Jesus.
I follow Jesus. He is my way. HE IS MY LIFE.
I am designed in the image of Christ for Him, through Him.
Jesus is my model. My hero, I adore Him, I worship Jesus.
Jesus is my best friend, my chief prophet, my doctor, my elder brother.
Jesus lives in me.
Heavenly father lives in me.
Holy Spirit dwells in me.
I am the joy of trinity.
Daddy God delights in me.
I am His beloved son.
He looks at me like Jesus.
Jesus and I are one for Daddy God.
Daddy God loves me like He loves Jesus.
He doesn’t count my sin.
He doesn’t remember my sins.
He remembers me as son, beloved son.
I enjoy Daddy God’s presence.
I can’t do anything without Him.
I can do anything with HIM.


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