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“Prayerlessness” makes one unfruitful.


John 15:3 (NKJV) 
3 You are already clean because of the word which I have spoken to you.

Jesus says only if His words abide in us , we’ll be fruitful , and only then we are called His disciples.

To be fruitful, naturally we can be fruitful by being connected with Him.
He says He cleans us with His words, if we don’t connect with Him through prayers, worships, gospels reading, our soul is sick and we naturally become weak in our thoughts and start becoming negative and our words are filled with unbelief and discouragement.

No wonder why we talk against God and say He doesn’t do anything to us, we have done and allowed great damages to our soul by not allowing God’s word in us to clean us.

Being connected… imagine is we reverse the words and if it’s true what happens to us, it says if you believe in Jesus in your heart and confess that through your mouth you become Children of God.

Just for making a point am saying , suppose we reverse this,

If we don’t believe in Jesus in our heart and we confess that unbelief through our mouth we become children of the devil.

There is always the opposite, so leave all your habits of prayerlessness and be connected with God, believe in Jesus in all areas of life .

Declare good things not bad things and unbelief .

Take care.
God bless you.


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