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I am son of God !

Faith Expression

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Pains and tears:

We cry when we don't see answers to our prayers, more painful tears comes when we expect good to happen and we see bad things happening.

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Invisible bank full of Riches:

Do you know, if you are a believer of Christ, you have inheritance from Daddy God, through Jesus? That is the covenant made through the blood of Jesus. Now how to receive it? Or how to see it manifest in our life? Read this.

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How to overcome Love Failure?

Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:8. What if it fails?

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Who leads you to your destiny?

Holy Spirit is the one,provided to lead us into all truth. Are we using HIM to know what we are destined for ? Read ON!

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Jesus understands us, no sin is big to melt in HIS LOVE:

Don't allow guilt of sin grips you. Return to your Lord Yeshua. HE is your Daddy, He loves you so much, that's why He came to earth to save us from sins. He cares, cast all that troubles you, worries you, distracts you, upon Him.

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God’s word for you in this time of spiritual growth:

We being the children of God cannot do business with those who oppose God's words.