Session 2: Lesson 01

Know yourself

The greatest ability

Above all abilities , even above the ability to heal the sick , as a believer of Christ you have the ability to be with Him.

To be one with The father, spirit, and son.

To know God and to be known by Him.

Honoring the word of God , is not reading bible to get more information but to know Him.

God is in you.

You are one with Him.

Everyday wake up knowing that you are a child of God, that’s the truth and a great feeling of being loved by God.

To know Him is eternal life.

Being born again is a life that is began with Jesus.

You are introduced to your father.

You think, to relate to God , you need to pray, but He is your father always with you. Prayer is communicating, but or else He’s always with you.

Knowing you are valuable to God, knowing you are loved by God takes you to another level of relationship with Him.

Spending time with Him, you expressing your faith to God , telling how honored you feel to be a child of God, expressing your joy for God being your father , will fill you with the grace of God.

This identity makes you so strong that every time anything hits you hard , you will stand still and not be shaken.

I have Jesus inside me and all around me .
I am a son of God.
God’s Holy Spirit dwells in me.
I am God’s , and He is mine.
Me and my Daddy God are one , we are not separate, we think alike, we speak alike.
I do what He keeps in my heart.