S03: Lesson 02

How to overcome ADDICTIONS ?

Try and understand addiction :

What is addiction ?

Addictions are NOT to be viewed only as, ardently devoted to something or someone like narcotic drugs, alcohol, sexual perversion, pornography. But it’s REBELLING against God.

Addictions are rebelling or sinning against God. All Christians who have these practices know they are sinning.

Addiction is SEEKING something else, instead of God.

It is like worshiping an idol other than God.

Having an idol in the heart is called addiction.

Addictions are sins, do not sugar coat it, but address it as it is.


Question is, have we ever turned from our sins and trust in Christ? Or do we comfort ourselves by just saying a salvation prayer and never understand that God has called us for a new life. God has invited us to be a new creation, born from above.

Question is have we really accepted Jesus as our Lord and savior truly?

Or simply want to go to heaven and being a Christian name sake?

The one who knows and understands the love of God and what He has done to save you from grave will not sin and continue being in sin.

People do stumble, it happens, but staying there in the same way sinning and never coming back to the Lord is something to worry about.

Take a decision:

His arms are open , you can come anytime. Take a decision. Lord will help you. Stop being a channel for hell’s doors to open through you, but be a channel for heaven’s door be opened through you. Let you be a door, where angels go up and come down, bringing miracles, healing and deliverance through you.

The declarations below are powerful, when you say it again and again, your spiritual world will be healed by this.


  • My Jesus loves me; He is waiting for me to take a decision to say no to sinful life.
  • Good bye to all addictions. I keep a full stop to all that destroys me and my family in the name of Jesus.




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