Soul Conditioning Courses

What is Soul Conditioning Courses?

What is SOUL?

The Soul is the essential part of our being. It’s not a physical part of our body in the natural realm; however it’s the spiritual part of our body in the super-natural realm or spiritual realm.  Our soul is immortal. Soul is our individuality, identity, character, personality.

The spiritual parts of the soul are MIND, EMOTIONS and WILL.

The MIND will collect information (Knowing), it stores the collected information in the MEMORY, (Remembering), based on the collected information it can consider and understand things (Understanding).

The EMOTIONS are the reactions to the sensory information of our body from hearing, seeing, tasting, touching and smelling. There are many emotions in our body like love, hatred, joy, grief, peace, worry, irritation, bitterness, loathness etc.

The WILL is the one which can make DECISIONS. If the decisions are based on the knowledge and understanding acquired then it is called as LOGICAL DECISION. If the decisions are based on the EMOTIONS only then it’s called EMOTIONAL DECISION. However, if a decision is made considering knowledge, understanding, emotions and circumstances then it’s WISDOM.

If the knowledge, understanding and wisdom is from the secular sources then its WORLDLY WISDOM. Rather if it comes from divine sources either the written form the Word of GOD that is the Bible (Logos in Greek) or through inspiration and /or revelation from GOD (Rhema in Greek) then it’s called DIVINE WISDOM. (Proverbs 2:6)

The soul is the one which controls the body. The soul liaises between human spirit and body.

The physical parts of our body which belongs to the SOUL are our brain, spinal cord, heart and nervous system.

In short the SOUL is our personality of our being.

Why soul needs conditioning?

Soul is battle field where our Spirit and Flesh battles against each other (Galatians 5:17). When we are carnally minded then we will react based on our bodily senses. The carnal mind, always leads to DEATH. In contrast when we act according to the Holy Spirit then we are led by the Spirit and we are Spiritual. Spirit led, always leads to LIFE and PEACE. (Rom 8:6).

So being carnally minded is nothing but believing the LIES of the enemy, Satan. Due to this our soul becomes corrupted. Eventually our SOUL always will be in FEAR, WORRIES, CONFUSION, DEPRESSION, SORROW, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS etc. The corrupted SOUL is a result of opens doors to Dark or Evil kingdom consequently leads to DISEASE, SICKNESS and DEATH.

So if the corrupted SOUL is CONDITIONED with the TRUTH that is Word of GOD, then the lies of the enemy leaves and we are Spirit led and in turn we receive LIFE and PEACE. Then our life becomes Joy filled, Peace filled and Righteousness filled and we will live in a complete satisfaction.

So when we undergo this SOUL CONDITIONING COURSES in each and every SESSIONS the lie of the enemy is removed and that is replaced with TRUTH of GOD. Eventually based on how strong one can believe in the TRUTH and put that in action in their daily life, live FREEDOM in abundance.

Believing the Word of GOD and acting accordingly is the CONDITIONED SOUL which is a BLESSED ONE.

Welcome to the SOUL CONDITIONING and be BLESSED in abundance!